A Day In The Life

I don’t think it’s a secret that I commute to work every day. I wrote about it a few times on my blog, but Twitter is where I spit out random thoughts during my rides home. I use ” #MetraTravels” in my tweets if you want to follow it!!! The people are fairly interesting – especially if I’m taking a late train home. Anyway, I’ve had many people ask me what my day is like since I do travel to get to work. So, naturally, I decided to write a post about it. 🙂

(Prior to Nov 6th, 2014)

5:15am: The dreaded alarm. I try (key word “try”) to wake up Josh. He isn’t a morning person. Many people aren’t. I’m definitely not judging him! Okay fine, maybe I am a little!

5:20am: Josh is sleeping again. He needs a lot of coaxing to get out of bed. Usually after five minutes, I can convince him to get moving and into the shower.

5:45am: I refuse to get my butt out of bed until Josh is out of the shower. Why? Well, he forgets I need to use the bathroom and locks the door behind him. Trust me, babe, no boogie man is up this early in the morning… He finally gets out around this time, and then I get out of bed and begrudgingly find work clothes.

6:00am: Josh and I hop into the car and head to Great Lakes.

6:46am: Since Josh works at the Naval base, he drops me off at the Great Lakes metra station. He could drop me off in Kenosha, but I’d rather spend the extra time with him in the morning. Besides, the train that he would drop me off at in Kenosha is the same one that arrives at this time, so I might as well enjoy sitting in a car for part of the way instead of on those uncomfortable metra seats!

8:02am: My train arrives downtown at Oglivie.

8:15am: Some mornings, I will go and work out at the gym across the street – FFC. The mornings I don’t go to the gym, I’ll sit in Starbuck and drink coffee and do some reading/writing. Or I’ll go bother the friends I have on a different floor.

9:30am: Start work

6:00pm: End of shift

6:30pm: I work only two blocks away from the train station, so I can leisurely walk on over to Oglivie to catch my train. I usually fall asleep before we even leave the station!

7:57pm: Arrive back in Kenosha. Josh is always waiting for me with a smile on his face. 🙂

8:30pm: Josh and I have been kinda bad at planning out dinners lately. So we have to visit Festival almost every day to buy something to make for dinner. Most of the employees know who we are… that’s how often we are there! Is it acceptable to be a regular at the grocery store??

10:00: After dinner, Josh and I will watch some TV and relax, except bed time rolls around very quickly!! Around this time, I try to convince Josh that I need to go to bed, but he convinces me to watch another episode of “Chicago Fire.”

Super thrilling, I know!! I told you my life wasn’t as exciting as you all thought! 🙂 I am very excited to announce, though, that my hours at work have finally shifted!! So – the quick version: I get downtown at 8:02, run over to Starbucks – it’s a must so don’t judge me – then I start work at 8:15, end at 4:45, RUN over to the train station, depart Oglivie at 5:03, and arrive home to my lovely boyfriend at 6:27pm.

Most people say that they couldn’t handle commuting every single day. I absolutely LOVE Chicago and I love working here. I get asked if I miss living here: No I don’t. I do NOT miss the high rent. Working down here is all I need to get my fill of Chicago. Sure, hanging out for happy hour and wandering downtown after work can be fun, but I couldn’t imagine my life any other way right now.



22 thoughts on “A Day In The Life

  1. I used to get to ride with my husband to work. It’s awesome that you get to make that part of your day. Oh, and Chicago Fire is phenomenal and I would stay up to watch it too.

  2. Travelling by Metro is always an experience. It could be as wonderful as seeing the same people everyday, to getting to know some one different.. The one thing that was interesting was that with changing times, people now spend more time on their smart phones, as opposed to even saying a Good Morning or even a smile when one walks into the Metro…. I eventually preferred to drive, but yes, when I can, I do use the Metro, still an unbeatable experience.

  3. I work at home 75% of the time; the other 25% I driver 5 hours, then work 2 mins away. What I miss about a commute is Decompression time. It is really hard to shift gears in a door way or around the block. Enjoy your commute!

  4. “Most people say that they couldn’t handle commuting every single day.” I find commuting quite relaxing! Listening to my favorite music and watching out the window 🙂

  5. It’s so wonderful to find someone (especially another young person) who has such a similar commute/work schedule! My husband drops me off at the train station in Fredericksburg, VA, every morning around 7:45 (it’s about a 25-minute drive from our home). I Take the train up to DC, get off just before 9:00, and walk 15-20 minutes to the office. I leave the office at 5:15 to walk to the train, and I get into Fredericksburg again at 6:45. Then Aaron picks me up and we’re home by 7:15 or so. I’m slowly getting used to it–I’m trying to use my train time more productively!–but I really miss having a regular workout schedule, and I can’t wait for the days to get longer so it’s still light by the time I get home! Have you found that living so far away from work affects your social life at all? After work functions are just not an option for me… (PS I’m from just north of Milwaukee originally and completely agree about living in Wisconsin vs. Chicago! 😊) Sorry this comment ended up being so long!

    • That’s okay! I love long comments! Yeah your day is so much like mine!! Very few young people commute this long bc they all want to live in the city. On my metra, there’s a GOOD handful of people in their 40s-50s. I could count on one hand the people under 30 who are on my train. I haven’t been too good about doing something productive yet. I just catch up on sleep. Haha.

      Where in Milwaukee?!?!? That’s so awesome how close you were!!! And you moved far!

      P.S. I added you to my blogrol! https://megselizabeth86.wordpress.com/blogroll/

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