I found that this is an easier way to look at my blogroll instead of a tiny widget on the side of the blog. Hope you find something you like!! 🙂


Please note: I can make ANY changes on here if you would like me to. Whether you feel you should be under a different category or changing how I have you named, or even if you would like to be removed, please contact me at: me.creativeimaginations (at) Thanks!

Straylight Literary Magazine
Expose Kenosha
Kenosha Arts Association
The Speculative Edge

Daily Post: Post a Day
Weekly Photo Challenge
Weekly Writing Challenge
Writer’s Digest: Creative Writing Prompts
Daily Post: Writing Challenges

Ann: Grubbs n Critters
April: 81Collective
Asperwoman: My Journey With Aspergers/High Functioning Autism
Astrid: little hops on the prairie
cognitive reflection: “The Feels”
Chronicles of Motherhood, The
Coffee and Crumbs
Dolly Nguyen: It’s Dolly, Darling
Edgy Thinking: Everything I See
Elena: Blogging Translator
Eliutherius: Africa the Dark Continent
Emily Harring: Days of Gradients
Jillypopmusic: pop culture rocks
Jozie Jottings: Musings on life in Johannesburg
Kalyssa: The Simply Sassy Life
Katie Saesan: One Mile a Day
Kelsey Hoff: Written
mark stratton: AGGASPLETCH
Memee’s Musings: Thoughts about life, death and the world around me.
Michaela: The Lodge on Haydon
Nate St. Pierre: I Build Stuff. Sometimes I Write
Sara Tickanen: Girl, Interrupted
Shahidah: Properly Improper
Sharese Hardaway: The Measuring Stick
Sonja Whipp: Ramblings
Thoroughly Anonymous: The Story of My Life
Vishal’s blog: Just a guy sharing his thoughts with the world!

R.K.MacPherson: Raven’s Nest

Cody Dennaeu: Poems From a Collegian

Scott Porter

Danielle Rose: Prose & Cons Editing Services
Kelsey Hoff Writes
Willoughby Wonders

Bella-Hill Wedding Films
Kristin Phillips: Kristin Nicole Photography
Sarah Stevens: I DO Photography

Fifty Shades of Snail
Morgan’s Beauty Breakdown
lauren kovac

Kelly Garvin: Scenic Expressions

Mike Wickett: Sports Radio 1250 WSSP Milwaukee


15 thoughts on “Blogroll

  1. Love that you used a whole page. I think I will steal this idea too when I am ready. I sometimes think I should have waited another year before starting since I have no idea just what I want to do yet.

    • Feel free to steal it!

      Also, I’ve made so many changes to my blog over the years. No point in waiting. You won’t know what you want until you try it out. 🙂

      Feel free to email me if you have questions!

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