4 Weeks With You

I’m still expecting someone to come knocking on my door to thank me for babysitting their kid, and take this perfect little boy from me. The parents would have their arms wide open because they missed their child. We’d hand him over and wave goodbye as we would watch them back out of the driveway, and wonder when the next time we could see him again.

It still feels surreal to hold him in my arms. He’s ours. He’s earthside. I’m Mom. And we aren’t babysitting. No one is coming to get him. He’s here to stay. And it’s an overwhelming amount of emotions and happiness.

His skin is so soft, and his hair perfectly covers his head. The blue in his eyes matches the blue in mine. And the rest of him is Ian’s clone. His lips always seem to have some leftover milk on them as he squeaks and coos as he peacefully sleeps. He’s so warm and snuggly, and I never want to put him down.

I’ve learned so much in 4 weeks… From postpartum essentials and recovery to cloth diapering to different baby cries to pumping and formula to baby bath time and to introducing dogs and babies. I’m learning to be kind and gentle with myself as I embrace a new journey in life. I’m learning to communicate better and hold my boundaries. I’m learning that parenthood has a learning curve, and it’s ok to not be ok, and it’s ok to ask for help.

Our journey is just beginning. It’ll be full of ups and downs. We’ll make mistakes we will one day look back on to laugh at. We’ll create memories that will make our hearts soar with happiness. Our ideas and thoughts on parenthood will forever be evolving as we learn and grow together. There’s so much to look forward to, and I’m so excited to be at this point in life: with my amazing husband, crazy dog, and our perfect little rainbow. 💙🌈

Happy 4 weeks, baby boy. I love you so much.