5K Color Run

The Color Run. The Happiest 5K in the World. This remained on my Bucket List for years. Finally, I decided I could no longer wait. I wanted to get this crossed off my list. And what better way to do that than to involve my family!

“I’m doing this with or without you. Who wants to join me!?” I blasted on our family Facebook page. Yes, that’s basically how we all communicate now… on Facebook. We have a private group that I set up to coordinate family dinners, holidays, events, etc. It’s very convenient actually, but still hilarious that Facebook is now a form of communication. Oh how times have changed!!

It wasn’t very difficult to recruit my family to join me. We’re an awesome goofy bunch! Because we had a team of four or more, DISCOUNT! So that was nice. I mean, I’ll save that extra $5 and put it in my piggy bank. Let’s be real here. I definitely used it to buy Starbucks afterwards…

I took many videos and photos during the race. I have never had so much fun during a 5K. Sure, you need to make sure to cover your mouth when you’re getting the color thrown at you – but who cares? This isn’t a timed-race. It’s for fun. I had fun. My family and friends had fun! And that’s all that matters! I included some photos from throughout the race… because #selfie! Right?

Yes, I just used a hashtag in my blog.

Hope you enjoy these photos! I definitely want to do another fun 5K next year. There’s so many to pick from!! I’m thinking maybe the Glow Run for 2015!!

Note: Some of them have captions, so if you hover over them, the captions will show.

I’d love to hear about your experiences with the Color Run! Link me to your blog if you posted about it! Or feel free to share photos!


Ending Unemployment & Finding Good Luck Charms

Dec 19th, 2013. I was fired. And only six days before Christmas, too. Heartbreaking didn’t begin to describe what I felt. (Story here.)

Today marks a mere two days after hitting the five month mark. FIVE months. Five months of countless job searches and phone calls, rejections, and thoughts of giving up. Five months of feeling helpless and sinking further into depression. FIVE months of wondering why I couldn’t find a job, even at the grocery store. I grew tired of hearing “everything will be okay” or “You’ll find something!” After all, it has been five months.

As the months flew by, I convinced myself that I was doing something wrong:
“My cover letter must suck.”
“Should I even mention this job?”
“Am I doing this right?”
I applied to 50-100 jobs every week. EVERY.SINGLE.WEEK. CareerBuilder shows how many people applied to the same job that I did. The LOWEST I saw: 231. Two hundred and thirty one people applying to the same job. Over TWO HUNDRED people. Unemployment is supposedly decreasing? Mmmmhmmm. I never had a chance.

Unemployment payments only last six months. To someone who is not currently trying to find another job, six months seems like a long time. And it IS a long time. Half a year is a long time. But finding a job is not easy. Do the math with how many jobs I applied to over the last five months. It’s not pretty.

Today however, my journey to finding a job ended. Yesterday I had an interview with Starbucks. It went really well. He joked with me and we shared some laughs. He seemed impressed. He said “I never tell people if the got the job on the spot.” To which I responded, “Well, no. You have to make them sweat it out a little!!” “Exactly!” he pointed at me with much enthusiasm, then proceeded, “If you don’t hear from me by noon tomorrow, just come into the store and stare.”

Well that would have been ULTRA creepy if I actually did that. I opted to just give him a call at 12:30, but he was in a meeting. I sat and stared at my phone for HOURS. One hour felt like three. The waiting game is the worst! BUT, finally, I found out that I got the job!! it was 3pm when I found out. I chose to not text my boyfriend, but instead wait until he came home so I could tell him in person. 5:30pm seemed so far away. As soon as his car pulled up into the driveway, I opened th3e door, gave him a huge hug, told him I got the job, and then cried. Words cannot explain the relief I felt.

Yesterday would have been my grandmother’s 87th birthday. She’s been gone since 2005, but I think about her ALL the time. I’m not a religious person, but sometimes certain things happen in my life that feel way more than a coincidence. She’s my little luck charm. She always has been.

“Adventures In Coffee” seems like it will make a few appearances in my future blog posts.