About Admitting Failure

Fact: Today is February 25th.
Fact: There are four full days left of the month.
Fact: February is the shortest month.
Fact: I failed at my “2014 February Blog Post Challenge.”

I admit that I failed at my goal. I by the end of February, I should have 28 new blog posts; however, this post is the 8th blog post I’ve done this month. I fell very shy of my goal. I’m disappointed in myself that I wasn’t able to blog about something every single day. I have enough to write about (I think?), but I just couldn’t put it into words. Mostly, I just figured it wasn’t interesting enough.

But then I stopped to really think. Since I started blogging a few years ago, I would post once, maaaaaaybe twice, a month. And this month I posted eight times already. It’s actually a huge accomplishment for me, so I should be proud. I am proud of myself. I really pushed myself to post regularly. It was a lot harder than I expected it to be. I’m usually pretty terrified of what people are going to say about the things that I write about. But why should I be? I have no real reason to be afraid.

Yes, I failed at posting every day for 28 days, but I posted more in one month that I normally do in six months. I’ve realized that while typing out my thoughts, I get a serious case of ADD, so I have about five drafts in the queue that remain unfinished. I’ll get to those eventually.

I just need to realize that I give myself huge goals which scare me: scare me because I tend to push myself really hard, but apparently not hard enough to reach my goals. But, you know what? I’m still looking on the bright side. I posted way more than I would have if I didn’t join the Blog Challenge.

And for that, I am grateful.

Love Notes


Unfamiliar faces
Drowning in depression
Sipping vodka cranberry
Preoccupied by darts
Neon lights flashing
Beer flowing
Music blaring with
Unrecognizable rhythms
Bodies swaying and
Heads bobbing
Shouting over lyrics
Conversations hault for
Wandering hands
Twirling strands of hair
Flirting eyes
Flutter in anticipation
Smiling between drum beats
Tempo slowing
Inhibitions fade
Flawless transitions between
Notes of love