I Write Therefore I Am

I joined “Writing 101” in hopes to stay on my blogging game.  I’ve struggled with keeping up with my blog since I started it five years ago. I talk about that often in a lot of my posts. These posts usually start off apologizing for how long it’s been since I last blogged. I have a lot to say, but I always wonder why people would even be interested in anything I said. So I would go months and months without updating anything. I’ve slowly learned over the years to stop worrying about what other people think. After all, I will be 30 next year – my amount of “things I worry about” have greatly diminished.

I’ve recently gotten back into running. Back in 2011/2012, I was running seven miles 2-3 times a week. I know I can do it, but I’ve gotten a little older and gained some weight, so it will be a challenge. My goal is to run a half marathon next spring. There will be an influx of posts about exercise now.

I enjoy cooking. LOVE it. I love experimenting with new foods. I watch just about every show on Food Network. I’m always in awe of how these chefs can think of their feet. I learn a lot through these cooking shows. One of the bests feelings is watching someone smile and tell you how good their meal is.  I don’t do it for recognition. I wouldn’t care if people didn’t know who made their meals. I just like making people full and happy.

I’ve recently been diagnosed as an insomniac – but let’s be real, all insomniacs sort of already know that’s what they have but wait a really long time to just “deal with it.” I’ve had sleeping issues since I was in high-school. So I’ll be blogging about my journey through these sleep study logs.

I love writing. I need to jot down my thoughts or the thoughts just rumble around inside my head and I cannot concentrate on the task at hand. One of these days I will start working on that book I’m going to publish…

Feel free to poke around my blog and sign my guestbook!



New Shoes, Sweaty Shirt, No Problem

Getting back into running has been challenging. I was doing well for about a month before I went in to have a sleep study. I was so focused. I was running stairs in my house every night to make sure I hit at least 10k steps every single day. I did a Fitbit challenge group with my friends that I usually won. My running partner kicked my ass, even though most of it was virtually since our schedules didn’t always match up.

And then my sleep study…

I’ve had issues sleeping since I could remember. Back in high school, I could run on 3-4 hours of sleep. The thing is, back then, I would get 3-4 hours consecutively. Now… Not so much. It goes something like this:

Bed at 10pm
Restless until1045pm
Up at midnight. So restless I get up, walk around my house, avoid looking at my phone since the bright light shocks me from half awake to wide awake.
Back to bed at 100.
Wake up at 130.

…..I think you get the point. I wake up at 530am for the day. I cannot tell you the last time I felt rested. I would get a total of maybe 3-4 hours of sleep, but without it being consecutive, I started becoming more tired and hazy than I ever thought was possible.

After my many many restless nights, and many years later, I finally caved and went to do a sleep study. This has been on my bucket list for years, so I finally just caved and booked an appointment.

Diagnosis will take a while to fully find out. But here’s where I’m at: I have Restless Leg Syndrome. And possibly an acute form of insomnia. (Honestly, neither of these I’m shocked by.) Here’s the tricky part we need to figure out: RLS is caused often (not always) by anemia. I’ve been border-line anemic my entire life. I donated plasma in college (because beer money…). My iron count was hit and miss for donating, but I’d say I was fine to donate 75% of the time. Donating blood though? That’s another story. I had never been able to.

In June, I made a diet change which incorporated some OTC iron pills and mostly spinach salads for lunch. I donated blood through work for the first time that month. So my RLS couldn’t be because of that then right? Well it still could be …

For two weeks, my doctor gave me some guidelines to follow and keep a sleep log. No strenuous exercise after 6, no alcohol at all and no caffeine after noon. The alcohol and caffiene rule I can handle, but no running for two weeks?? I don’t get home from work until 630pm and running before work was out of the question because of my long commute.

Ugh. Fine. It was only two weeks. She needed a baseline to see if these three things could be affecting me. And then the two weeks after that (which I’m currently doing now) I could do what I wanted. And we will be comparing the two weeks to see if there is a difference.

In the meantime, I had to get a blood test taken so they could do a full synopsis to see if my iron levels are too low. If my iron levels are too low, she will give me slow-releasing iron tablets. Seems like an easy fix right? Except it can take THREE MONTHS to fully tell if RLS is caused by anemia. If I need iron pills and after three months, I’m still having issues, they will do an overnight study. On the flip side, if my iron levels come back normal, then we will do an overnight study right away. At this point, its too hard to tell of my insomniac symptoms are just secondary to RLS or if I have both.

Needless to say, this will be a long journey to figure this out. But I’m ready to face it.

Back to running:

Since I was not able to run for two weeks, every morning before work, I did 30 squats. The second week I increased to 45. I needed to do soooomething.

Monday I went running in my new running shoes (which I ordered the DAY BEFORE my sleep study so I was torchered for two weeks staring at a box of perfect new shoes I couldn’t use). I was determined to run 3 miles. I got a mile in and the sky drastically changed. I thought I was going to get stuck in a bad storm, so I turned around and went home. I finished 1.75 miles in 18:39. My first mile was in 10:07. My best time ever. I was so so proud of myself!! I can’t help but think squats had something to do with this. And those shoes. Amazingly comfortable. My feet don’t even hurt today.


Because I neglected to stretch after my run on Monday, my quads were quite sure yesterday. I did an ab workout, along with a bunch of stretches instead last night, and tonight I’m lacing up those shoes!

I’m Climbing 103 Flights of Stairs… by Choice!

About three and a half years ago, I was running seven miles 3-4 times a week. I was in the best shape of my life. I lived at home with my mom in order to save up money to move to Chicago. My brother would accompany me to the gym and whip my butt into shape. We would spend at least two hours in the gym. I felt great.

Then, in January 2012, my friend Katie told me about the company she was working for. I applied, got the position, and the two of us moved to Chicago in April 2012. I was fascinated with Chicago. We learned the transportation system – usually by getting lost. We tried many different new restaurants and bars. We made a lot of new friends.

But I stopped working out because “I had no time.” Well, my excuse of “I have no time” turned into a year of excuses… and then two years…

Flash forward to about a month and a half ago: I had let myself go. I gained 25 pounds. I don’t care if someone is a size 0, or a size 8 or a size 18. Gaining weight sucks. I had gotten so tired of “but you don’t look like you weigh XX amount.” Or “but you’re still skinny.” I think that is one of the worst things to tell people when they are battling weight issues. I was not skinny. I had gone up 2 pant sizes, and I weighed more than I had ever been. I was uncomfortable. I hated looking at myself in the mirror.

I joined a fitness challenge at work (how many steps can you get per day for 100 days? Goal is 10,000 steps per day), I bought a fitbit, and I found a reliable running partner. Since a month and a half ago, I’ve lost 10 pounds and dropped one size. I haven’t worked out a lot, only running here and there due to conducting a sleep study (more to come on that). My biggest change was my diet. I had gotten into a bad funk of eating McDs breakfast, skipping lunches, eating very unhealthy foods packed with high fructose corn syrup, adding a ton of cream and sugar into my coffee, indulging in sweets way too often… you get the picture. I hated how my body felt after eating these foods. I felt bloated. My stomach always hurt.

I haven’t skipped breakfast in about a month. Maaaybe once or twice. I make smoothies every morning. And no, I do NOT use that Beach Body Shakeology or any other crazy powder concoction. I bring my lunch everyday and use my half hour to go for a walk and then eat at my desk instead of wasting time going to Jimmy Johns or Chipotle or somewhere else that’s sucking up my money.

I’m very proud of the progress I’ve made! I definitely have not blogged in a very long time. I recently posted one about my home. But part of why I didn’t blog a lot was because I had nothing to write about. I was being lazy and depressed and a Negative Nancy. No one wants to read that.

So, what’s with the “climbing 103 flights of stairs by choice?” My bucket lists contains a slew of things that I want to do. One of them is climbing 103 flights of stairs in the Sears Tower. (Whatever, sure yes it’s actually Willis Tower, but everyone knows it will always be the Sears Tower.)

What is the SkyRise TowerUp you ask??

I will be tackling the planet’s highest indoor tower climb at the Willis Tower to raise funds for the nation’s best rehabilitation hospital, according to US News and World Report – the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago (RIC)!

RIC provides world-class rehabilitation care to thousands of patients for traumatic brain and spinal cord injury, stroke and cancer recovery, and more. The funds raised through SkyRise Chicago 2015 will directly support advances in patient care and cutting-edge research at RIC.

SkyRise Chicago is truly a special event. It’s the only tower climb in the world to offer two modes of participation – by foot up the Willis Tower stairs and via stationary hand-cycling the equivalent distance uphill. These options give anyone, no matter their level of ability, the opportunity to participate.

In order to participate, I do have to raise $100 (none of that goes to my pocket!). If you’re feeling generous, feel free to click my page (here) to donate! If not, send me some good luck!

The Climb is Nov 8th. I will probably not be able to walk the next day. 🙂

I’ll be posting about my progress! So stay tuned!


Officially Homeowners!

Excuses end here. It’s been MONTHS since I have posted anything on my blog. I won’t waste anyone’s time with “i was oh so busy” excuses. Because in reality, I was just lazy. So… my bad. Now we move on.

Everyone had been asking for photos of my house, which I was so excited to share. I started a blog post, but I never got around to posting anything.

A few things have changed since I wrote my original post below (most specifically, NO SNOW on the ground right now!!), but I wanted to keep the post below unchanged since this is what I wrote initially.

I hope you enjoy my VERY belated post. I have another post planned this weekend about why I stopped blogging for so long. Stay tuned for more!


(March 3, 2015)

It’s been about a month now that Josh and I have been moved into our house. I couldn’t love it more! We are, for the most part, done unpacking. We have some projects left that we will need to do, but for now, I feel pretty good about our progress!

Here are some pictures! Enjoy!

(Click on the first one to start the slide show and see my captions 🙂 )


Blogging 201: Set Three Goals

Today’s assignment: consider what you want to accomplish with your blog. Write down three concrete goals you want to achieve. 

When I took the Blogging 101 class, I connected with so many new bloggers and learned a lot of tricks with WordPress. I was very impressed with the course so I decided to follow the Blogging 201 course. I wasn’t able to get into the registration to see the private thread for them, but I can still do the assignments! 🙂

Here are my goals:

  • Publish three times each week
  • Establish a new weekly feature on my blog by the end of Feb (I’m thinking of doing Wordless Wednesdays or maybe Sunday Morning Poetry…?) to start posting the first week in March.
  • Gain 200 new WordPress followers for my blog by my birthday: April 4th (Current count 744).

Posting three times a will will probably be a huge challenge for me! So hopefully I can find enough to babble about! 🙂


“Inspiring Blogger” Award


Aquileana nominated me for the Inspiring Blogger Award. I feel so honored that someone thought my blog was inspiring enough to nominate me for me! Thank you so so much! It’s the blogger community that makes me keep writing! Love you all!

The Award Rules for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award are:
1) The nominee shall display the respective logo on her/his blog and link to the blogger that has nominated her/him.
2) The nominee shall nominate ten (10) bloggers she/he admires, by linking to their blogs and informing them about the nomination.

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“Sisterhood of the World Bloggers” Award

sisterhood-of-the-worldI was nominated for the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers award by Kristin with Beauty Marks. I am so incredibly thankful to have been nominated for this award. It means the world to me knowing that someone liked my blog enough to nominate me for an award.

The rules are as follows:Thank the blogger who nominated you, linking back to their site. Put the Award logo on your blog. Answer the ten questions sent to you. Make up ten new questions for your nominees to answer. Nominate seven blogs.

1. What do you hope to accomplish with your blog in the next year? My goals aren’t to gain followers or to become famous. I just want to blog about my life so I can look back through it in the years to come and look back on what I’ve been through to reflect about my life. I just hope to update more often that I usually do so I have more to look back on other than a few sporadic posts throughout the year.

2. What prompted you to start blogging? I’ve always been a writer at heart. I get ideas in my head of what I want to write about and I need to write them down or I’ll go nuts thinking about it. IT’s more of a therapeutic thing for me. I need to get certain things off my chest, or just to document my life. I needed an outlet so I started my blog.

3. Do you think a good writer has to be a good reader? Yes I do. The best writers read a lot. A lot a lot. How else would you know what to do and what not to do? You need to verse yourself in the writing world in order to know what works for you and what doesn’t.

4. Tell me about your happiest moment. In the blogging world? It would be when I hit 500 followers on my blog. Never in a million years would I think that many people would want to follow my blog nad read about whatever I had to say. When I started, I hoped for maybe 100 people to follow me, but so many people in WordPress are supportive of other writers. That’s what keeps me here.

5. What inspired your latest post? I am a part of Blogging 101, which inspired the last post. We had to write to our dream reader I chose to write about my best friend.

6. Now, go back to your first post, has your writing style changed at all? Oh absolutely! My first post was actually a quote, but my first REAL post was written Dec 2011 while intoxicated and about an ex. It was a poem titled “Back to September”, however, I now write more of blog posts instead of poetry. I should really get back into poetry.

7. Do your friends & family read your blog? It’s all public and everyone knows I write, although I don’t announce it on my personal Facebook, which is where most people find updates about my life. So friends that I have on Twitter and my mother read my blog. I’m not afraid to have them read anything anymore. I used to be, but not anymore.

What’s your favorite meal? Mexican food. Hands down!!

What is your biggest motivation? Being able to connect with other bloggers and give them advice.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? This question has always been tough to answer. My life has taken some major turns over the past couple of years, and I would have never guessed that this is where I would be only two years ago. So if I had to guess if this is where I would be five years ago? No. Not where I would guess… although NOT complaining. I love where my life is at. So Josh and I are moving into our house the beginning of February… we have a few projects that we want to do with the house, so I’m hoping we will have those done within five years. I’d like to have run away and get married to Josh by then. I’m hoping to have enrolled in a Master’s program for writing.

My Nominees

1. “Don’t Read This.
2. “My Gap Year In Stockings”
3. “Red Shoes”
4. “Totontotopdating”
5. “The Singing Optimist”
6. “Passive Aggressive Abuse”
7, “Starting Over as Ms.”

Everyone can answer the same questions that I have. 🙂


Blogging 101: Write to Your Dream Reader: Best Friend

Today’s assignment: Write to Your Dream Reader

We often create posts hoping that someone in particular will see (and appreciate) our work. Today, publish a post for that person — whether they’re a real-life figure or not — and stretch your blogging chops as you do.

For my best friend.

You never really know how special someone will be to you when you first meet them. It isn’t like I was out looking for a new best friend. I didn’t really have one for most of my life. In high school, my best friend shared a few similarities to me. Not many, but a few. I was athletic, and she couldn’t jog if her life depended on it. She wasn’t over-weight – not in the slightest – in fact, most people thought she was anorexic. She wasn’t. I saw that girl eat anyone under the table. She was tall and lanky and very uncoordinated. I played basketball, and she was the assistant who kept track of points and scores throughout the games. She was into punk music and I was into country. I liked to dance and she liked to awkwardly sway in the corner. I had a boyfriend and she loved from afar. Neither one of us was a part of the popular crowd – we bonded over mutual dislike for the prissy girls who dismissed us because we didn’t have mommy or daddy’s money to spend on new clothes. Both our parents were divorced. We both enjoyed theater and became close throughout high school because of theater. It brought us together. We could pretend to be whomever we wanted.

As soon as we graduated high school, we went to college: University of Minnesota Twin Cities for her and University of Wisconsin Oshkosh for me. WE lost touch. Rather, she became distant. She met a boy. She stopped having time to chat on the phone – we usually made time every Saturday to catch up and talk about dorm life, but she couldn’t make time for me anymore. He became her life. AND that’s okay to love someone that much that you become infatuated with them. It happens. It’s young love. However, people – especially girls – have a hard time balancing time between friends and significant others.

We always told each other that we would never let distance get in the way of our friendship, and really, it wasn’t the distance. She pushed me away for a guy. We both had many mutual friends who went to the same college, so I decided that I would go visit for the weekend. She said she would be available so I was very excited. My plan wasn’t to stay with her for the two nights, but one of our mutual friends, which was fine. She had more room at her place for guests.

We were all over 21, so we decided to go to a wine bar and have a girls night. There was about eight of us who met up – I only knew four of the girls, but I was very excited to meet some new friends in hopes to visit the city more often. Well, my best friend brought her boyfriend with her, even though everyone said it was a girls night. She barely talked to me all night. She had her own conversations with her boyfriend and ignored everyone else. I made a comment to her about how it was rude that I came all the way up there to see her, and she couldn’t take five minutes out of her time to actually talk to me.

I found out a few weeks later from the mutual friend that I stayed with that she had been talking about me behind my back. She said that I was selfish. She said I don’t know how to be a friend. She told me that none of my problems were ever significant to her – that I was just a complainer.

She knew things about me. Secrets that I had never told anyone else. She took my trust from me that day and I’ve never had a best friend since then. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had some really really awesome and amazing friends. But for me, a best friend is someone that I go to first with everything. Someone I want to share my ups and downs with. Someone that I can trust.

I’ve always been very careful about who I tell my life to. I can be extremely guarded. I’m hard to get to know – that is something I have always been aware of. I don’t like people knowing my secrets.

Fast forward to when I met my current best friend – six years after I lost the first best friend I had:

(Now, to get one thing straight, my boyfriend is my one true best friend, but I’m writing about my platonic best friend. Josh will always trump everyone else when it comes to best friends, but I wanted to write something a little differently.)

I met my best friend through work. He was friends with someone who worked on the same team as me who introduced us. We didn’t talk a lot at first – mostly because we are both extremely guarded people. Our friendship has blossomed over the last two years. Something about us just clicked. Clicked in a totally platonic way. Everyone says how a guy and a girl cannot be best friends – that it just isn’t possible because there will be a sexual attraction. But that wasn’t there for us. We were both dating other people – neither of our significant others like that our best friend was of the opposite sex – but we didn’t let that get into the way of our friendship. I was comfortable around him from the very beginning of our friendship. We gave each ther dating advice, and when we got broken up with, we were there for each other with Irish car bombs and a shoulder to cry on. Although, admittedly, he hasn’t seen me cry yet, but I’ve seen him cry!

He is someone that I can confide in. He will tell me when I’m being a stupid bitch, and I will tell him when he’s being an asshole. I’ve told him things that I have yet to tell any of my girlfriends. He is one of the most caring people I know, even though he won’t admit that to anyone. When we go out together for drinks after work, I’m always on the lookout to see what girls to introduce him to. We love each other. Platonically. No one seems to get that, though, which is slightly annoying. YES it IS possible to have a best friend of the opposite sex. Nothing has or ever will happen between us.

To my best friend:

I love you like a brother. I love that we can laugh over stupid things within work that no one else would understand. I want you to know that you are one of the few people that I have truly trusted in a very long time. All I could ever ask is the best for you. I hope every single day that you have a fantastic day. I couldn’t imagine not having some sort of conversation with you daily: whether it was about the weirdo I saw on the train or how someone on your team is annoying or what guy advice i needed or what girl advice you needed.

You have one thing to work on, though: to be patient. You’ll find that special person you are meant to be with. Don’t rush it. You tend to get discouraged from time to time. But I promise you that you’ll find someone amazing just as I have. I need you to start focusing on life and living it and being happy. I need you to start focusing on the positive things in your life instead of the negatives. You tend to get caught up with things that you have no control over, and I don’t want you to go through life sad. I don’t want you to have stressful days. I don’t want you to be frowning instead of smiling. You have many people around you who love you and care for you. Myself included. Sometimes you are a little oblivious to the people around you who care for you. Don’t worry though, I promise to remind you every time that we get drunk. 🙂

You are my best friend and nothing is ever going to change that. I have faith that you’ll get everything in life that you have ever wanted. Just don’t ever give up. Never ever give up. You might go through trying times and feel like you are at wits end, but whenever times get tough and you need someone to be by your side, you know that I’ll always be there for you. Night or day. Nothing is ever inconvenient when someone is your best friend. And I never want you to forget that.

BFFS for life.


P.S. To this day, one of the best “Open Letters” I have ever read was written by one of my good friends: Lauryn Marie. This is a perfect example of an amazing open letter.

Blogging 101: Say Hello to the Neighbors

Today’s assignment: Today’s assignment: follow five new topics in the Reader and five new blogs.

I currently have one topic that I am following on the reader, which is “Blogging 101.” I chose the following five topics to follow and I picked one blog from each topic – someone that I just followed today, and not someone I’m already following (Just a disclaimer to my current followers!):


i wrote in blood

Broke Beauty Blogger On A Budget

Book Reviews
The Night Owl’s Guide to Reading

Earthen Love

Relationships: everyone has such different perspectives on relationships: what works and what doesn’t work. I wanted to follow this topic to read about how other couples handle obstacles in their lives. Don’t get me wrong, I adore Joshua (my bf) and us two are the only ones who know how to deal with each other, but, as weird as it sounds, I like reading about this stuff. And not even in the sense of I’m looking for advice, but fresh perspectives are the best to read.

Inspiration: we all need a little pick me up from time to time, so why not look to the inspirational blogs? I love reading inspirational quotes and stories online.

Beauty: I feel like I am a terrible female most of the time. Like, I don’t know many things about beauty. At all. I have a few friends who works in that industry that I’m constantly asking questions to. I’m almost 29 and I cannot curl my hair. I own two make up brushes (given to me by a friend) but I cannot ever remember how to use them. I only wear mascara and eye liner… Maybe. Frankly, I don’t particularly like how foundation feels on my face, so I never wear it. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll dress up from time to time and look presentable (well at least Josh thinks I am), but I don’t purchase a lot of beauty products. I don’t know what good quality for my skin – I’m extremely picky about what goes on my face. I stopped using any kind of harsh medications, soaps and lotions about three years ago and my skin has never looked better. Also, I don’t like spending a ton of money on things I rarely use. I’m hoping to find some “lazy cheap” tricks.

Book Reviews: I love reading. I am an English major after all. My dream house WILL have a library. No question about that. So what better way to find good books than by finding blogs who post book reviews?? why didn’t I think of this before??

Cooking: I might love reading, but I love cooking even more. I’ll manage to burn toast or a frozen pizza somehow, but give me a complicated twelve page recipe and I’m good to go! I love the challenge of cooking difficult meals – they are always the best, though! And they are definitely the most rewarding.

Ain’t No One Gonna Rain On MY Parade


I celebrated NYE at my house. In my pjs. And I was scary close to sleeping through the countdown. Josh and I had two Irish car bombs and decided it would be a brilliant idea to watch a movie. Nope. I fell asleep almost immediately and slept the entire hour and a half. The movie ended at 11:30. Enough time for me to pretend I was awake enough for the countdown. My two sisters were celebrating at home, so I video chatted them for the countdown. Thank god for technology, right?

So I know you are all just dying to find out about the house hunting. Especially after my last blog post, Like a Country Song!!

That same Monday, we got a call back from Jim – our Realtor. Josh sent me a message at 3pm saying, “Hey can I call your work phone real quick? 😦 ” Yes, sad face. What? Nooo! I was bracing myself for disappointment. But… THE OFFER WAS ACCEPTED! He’s such a booger sometimes! I was standing at my desk because I couldn’t contain myself. I had to hold it together since, you know, I’m at work and supposed to be somewhat of a professional. But I was SO happy. Of course, the offer was contingent on the house inspection, so Josh and I only told family/close friends that the offer was accepted. Last week, we had the house inspection and we are OFFICIALLY all set! There’s a few SUPER MINOR things that need to be fixed in the house, but everything major (plumbing, electrical, roofing, no mold, no water damage/leaky etc) is perfect. Two two things that need to happen: 1. there needs to be a railing installed to go down to the basement (easy) and 2. the dishwasher that came with doesn’t work, so the seller is replacing. It couldn’t have gone better! Feb 6th is our official closing date!

I announced this on Facebook on NYE to, you know, make it official – because if it isn’t on Facebook, then it isn’t official, right? Anyway, I received an overwhelmingly amount of “congrats” from people. And then, I get the “Congrats! Are you getting married?” question from an Aunt. (Distant Aunt I might add. Long story short… she was married into my father’s side of the family and they got divorced YEARS ago. We only rarely keep in contact via facebook.) I knew someone was going to ask that question, because no one can be content with just saying “congrats.” People get so fixated on the “what’s next” part of a relationship. Once someone gets engaged, you get bombarded with “when’s the wedding” questions. Or once you get married, it’s “when are you having babies.” and so on and so forth. Why can’t people just let people be happy with whatever point they are at in their lives? I’ll never understand that. But back to the point – I responded with “No. haha. We aren’t. We aren’t playing by the rules. :)” I tried to keep it lighthearted.

Her response: “oh.”


That’s it? Like, if you’re disappointed in my decisions, at the very least, don’t post it where EVERYONE can see it. At least message me PRIVATELY. Because it was NYE and I had a few drinks by this point, I decided it wouldn’t be best to try and respond at this point. It would be a good idea. I vented about it for a mere minute to Josh, but then I just let it go.

By afternoon the next day, I was still a little annoyed by what she said. I’m not sure exactly why it bothered me so much, but it frankly wasn’t any of her business what I’m doing. So I responded, “(Name) it’s fairly obvious that your response of “oh” drips with disappointment that Josh and I are buying a house before getting married. Just because we aren’t legally married according to the government doesn’t mean we don’t love each other very much. Josh is my best friend. And I cannot imagine my life without him. We don’t need to prove our commitment to each other by getting married. I’m sure we will eventually, but our priority was having a place of our own to call home and build a life together. There’s no set rules in life. We are doing what is best for us and our relationship. Anyone who has ever seen us together knows how much in love we are. I shouldn’t need to justify our decision to buy a house before getting married. My wish is that my friends and family find love and happiness in their lives, no matter what order they chose to do them in. I can only hope the same will be done in return for me.”

I’ve reread that numerous times and I don’t think there was any other way to say what I said. I didn’t say anything rude, but I did make a point. It didn’t start a fight or any drama, which I was very thankful for. I’m still a little miffed that she felt the need to comment about it when I’m posting super happy news, but I said my peace and that’s that.

Ain’t no one gonna rain on MY parade!!

Seriously, though, I’m STILL on cloud 9. I cannot wait to move! 32 days… but who’s counting? 😉