Love Notes


Unfamiliar faces
Drowning in depression
Sipping vodka cranberry
Preoccupied by darts
Neon lights flashing
Beer flowing
Music blaring with
Unrecognizable rhythms
Bodies swaying and
Heads bobbing
Shouting over lyrics
Conversations hault for
Wandering hands
Twirling strands of hair
Flirting eyes
Flutter in anticipation
Smiling between drum beats
Tempo slowing
Inhibitions fade
Flawless transitions between
Notes of love

Beautifully Broken

His tainted soul shining in the night
Twisting with her hardened heart
Lighting a path
To where the dragons slumber
To where smiles burn
And romance dies.
Sweet wine disguises the truth
Betrayal hides behind gentle touches.
Thorns prick her heart
She trudges through the pain
Demons inside her entice her to keep moving
Rationality no longer exists
Her beauty resonates between scars
A trace of trust lingers
Hope flourishes
Lust remains
She’s beautiful
And broken
Beautifully broken.

And wants to hold his tainted heart.


Echoes of who we once were:
A burning passion
dancing with fire.
Now standing in the pouring rain
melting into puddles.
You were deceptive
but only next to me.
I’d play games
but you’d win.

So now you’re singing with Morgan
And I’m dancing with Jose
You remember
I pretend to forget –
It’s hopeless

I feel them revive again.

Missed Chance

Ah how the misery falls upon them:
for he who won’t take responsibility for his actions,
          or rather,
          lack there of,
                    perhaps in fear of rejection,
should dwell in dysphoria knowing that,
          had he inquired sooner,
she wouldn’t be sober in solitude.