Ain’t No One Gonna Rain On MY Parade


I celebrated NYE at my house. In my pjs. And I was scary close to sleeping through the countdown. Josh and I had two Irish car bombs and decided it would be a brilliant idea to watch a movie. Nope. I fell asleep almost immediately and slept the entire hour and a half. The movie ended at 11:30. Enough time for me to pretend I was awake enough for the countdown. My two sisters were celebrating at home, so I video chatted them for the countdown. Thank god for technology, right?

So I know you are all just dying to find out about the house hunting. Especially after my last blog post, Like a Country Song!!

That same Monday, we got a call back from Jim – our Realtor. Josh sent me a message at 3pm saying, “Hey can I call your work phone real quick? 😦 ” Yes, sad face. What? Nooo! I was bracing myself for disappointment. But… THE OFFER WAS ACCEPTED! He’s such a booger sometimes! I was standing at my desk because I couldn’t contain myself. I had to hold it together since, you know, I’m at work and supposed to be somewhat of a professional. But I was SO happy. Of course, the offer was contingent on the house inspection, so Josh and I only told family/close friends that the offer was accepted. Last week, we had the house inspection and we are OFFICIALLY all set! There’s a few SUPER MINOR things that need to be fixed in the house, but everything major (plumbing, electrical, roofing, no mold, no water damage/leaky etc) is perfect. Two two things that need to happen: 1. there needs to be a railing installed to go down to the basement (easy) and 2. the dishwasher that came with doesn’t work, so the seller is replacing. It couldn’t have gone better! Feb 6th is our official closing date!

I announced this on Facebook on NYE to, you know, make it official – because if it isn’t on Facebook, then it isn’t official, right? Anyway, I received an overwhelmingly amount of “congrats” from people. And then, I get the “Congrats! Are you getting married?” question from an Aunt. (Distant Aunt I might add. Long story short… she was married into my father’s side of the family and they got divorced YEARS ago. We only rarely keep in contact via facebook.) I knew someone was going to ask that question, because no one can be content with just saying “congrats.” People get so fixated on the “what’s next” part of a relationship. Once someone gets engaged, you get bombarded with “when’s the wedding” questions. Or once you get married, it’s “when are you having babies.” and so on and so forth. Why can’t people just let people be happy with whatever point they are at in their lives? I’ll never understand that. But back to the point – I responded with “No. haha. We aren’t. We aren’t playing by the rules. :)” I tried to keep it lighthearted.

Her response: “oh.”


That’s it? Like, if you’re disappointed in my decisions, at the very least, don’t post it where EVERYONE can see it. At least message me PRIVATELY. Because it was NYE and I had a few drinks by this point, I decided it wouldn’t be best to try and respond at this point. It would be a good idea. I vented about it for a mere minute to Josh, but then I just let it go.

By afternoon the next day, I was still a little annoyed by what she said. I’m not sure exactly why it bothered me so much, but it frankly wasn’t any of her business what I’m doing. So I responded, “(Name) it’s fairly obvious that your response of “oh” drips with disappointment that Josh and I are buying a house before getting married. Just because we aren’t legally married according to the government doesn’t mean we don’t love each other very much. Josh is my best friend. And I cannot imagine my life without him. We don’t need to prove our commitment to each other by getting married. I’m sure we will eventually, but our priority was having a place of our own to call home and build a life together. There’s no set rules in life. We are doing what is best for us and our relationship. Anyone who has ever seen us together knows how much in love we are. I shouldn’t need to justify our decision to buy a house before getting married. My wish is that my friends and family find love and happiness in their lives, no matter what order they chose to do them in. I can only hope the same will be done in return for me.”

I’ve reread that numerous times and I don’t think there was any other way to say what I said. I didn’t say anything rude, but I did make a point. It didn’t start a fight or any drama, which I was very thankful for. I’m still a little miffed that she felt the need to comment about it when I’m posting super happy news, but I said my peace and that’s that.

Ain’t no one gonna rain on MY parade!!

Seriously, though, I’m STILL on cloud 9. I cannot wait to move! 32 days… but who’s counting? 😉



21 thoughts on “Ain’t No One Gonna Rain On MY Parade

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  2. yes, good luck with the house. Just remember you don’t have to do everything at once, just enjoy it. My favorite thing was always setting up the kitchen. It just seemed so great to have my own. Best wishes.

    • Oh for sure. We got super lucky with our house. The kitchen is redone so we don’t have to worry about that. We have two things we want to do : 1. knock out one wall to make the living room bigger and 2. Build a deck in the back. Neither of which are happening this year. We want to enjoy it before tearing stuff apart.

  3. Congratz on the house! I wish you all the best and make sure you make it your dream house.
    I have some questions for you, were you born in 1986? I am an Aries too 🙂
    Born in 86.

  4. Congratulations! This is so cool to have a place of your own and make everything the way you want! Enjoy the moment and don’t let anyone upset you. I totally understand your feelings, though. It’s amazing what some people consider to be an appropriate thing to say.

    • Thanks for the congrats! And for stopping by to leave a comment! Much appreciated!

      You never know what is going to come out of people’s mouths these days, especially when they can hide behind a screen.

      • Yes, that’s true. Although now that I think about it, it’s sometimes better to have a screen between you and them. This way you have time to think over the answer. Having to deal with remarks of this kind made in person is something that I really hate doing.

      • That is SO true. Especially when it’s people you know/care about. If it’s a random person – not going to lie – I wouldn’t care enough to think about what I say.

        Definitely depends on the situation, but I think the majority of people are losing touch with how to communicate face-to-face. (This sounds like this could be a potential blog post…. hmmm.)

      • Well, it is an interesting idea for a blog post and it’s also true in some cases. But when it comes to unwanted questions about such personal things as getting married or having children I think it’s more about the difference in the personal boundaries perception (this actually sounds like another post idea 🙂 )

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