Like A Country Song

Opportunity never stops knocking. New friends are on their way. The ideas you need will find you. You’ll have another chance. Things are getting brighter. You are feeling lighter. Love is rising. Be still. Prepare. Others will call you lucky. Your parents are so proud. You ain’t seen nothing yet. Look out world, Megan Elizabeth is stirring. A giant is waking up.

Like a country song,
The Universe

Happy Monday!! This week is Christmas! Hopefully everyone is in a holiday mood. I know I am. Little nervous and a little excited, but I’ll get I to that…

I love getting quotes and daily inspiration sent to me from The Universe. If you haven’t heard of this before, check it out! You write in your goals and you get customized emails sent as often as you’d like with some inspiration. It’s eerie how close they are to my life!

So Saturday, Josh and I viewed another house. It was definitely a no. Huge space, but we didn’t like a lot about it. It came down to too much that would need to be redone that wouldn’t fit within our budget. Looking for houses has been such and up and down experience. Of course, everyone wants a dream home, but we’re realistic. We’re looking for a starter home. We don’t have kids. Nor plan to for who knows how long. And we don’t even have any fur babies. It’s just the two of us. One of our goals was to find a really nice starter house that, in the distant future, would be an ideal place for us to rent out once we decided to move. Talking about the future with Josh just gives me all sorts of butterflies. He’s without a doubt my best friend, and I’m so excited to be taking this next step in our relationship.

But let’s move past the mushy gushy stuff. I’m sure I’ve lost a few by now…

There was one house that we viewed last weekend that really peeked our interest, so we decided to view it again. We loved everything about the house. It was recently redone, so the kitchen was remodeled including new bamboo flooring and a cute backslash in the kitchen which was also encorporated into the bathrooms. It’s has three bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms and a finished basement. After we viewed the house, we went home, and talked about our plans. Should we put in an offer? Should we wait? Are we making the right decision?

Saturday came and went and soon Sunday had fallen upon us. Neither one of us were able to get the house out of our heads so we took that as a sign. So we decided that we wanted to put in an offer on the house. Because it was already Sunday, I wouldn’t be able to ask my manager to leave an hour earlier on Monday, so we decided that Tuesday after work, we’d go put in an offer. I could write down every cliche about how I was feeling, but there’s no better way to describe it other than being on cloud nine. We both were. And we couldn’t stop giggling about it all day.

That was until 9:30pm when our realtor called Josh…

“Someone has an offer in on the house.” NOT what we wanted to hear. Jim, our realtor, apparently knows the seller, so he gave Jim a heads up. Super amazing to know this, but now we needed to act quickly. Jim told us that we needed to have everything in by noon tomorrow, aka TODAY.

Talk about nerve wracking. I barely slept last night. I know that whatever is meant to happen will happen. If we get the house, great! If we don’t well there will be others out there.

Everything needed to be done electronically since we were both at work. Time seemed to slip quickly through my fingers all morning. First, Josh and I couldn’t access the website which has the loan approval loaded on it. We tried resetting the password, but nothing was working. After about a half hour of frustration, it finally worked! Wew! We were closing in on 10am by the point.

Buy now it is 11am and I can saw that our offer has been submitted. I’m so incredibly nervous. I hate when decisions like this are out of my control. Josh and I trust Jim with where he suggested our price be. So now all we have to do is wait…
And wait…
And be really nervous.

It’s hard to even focus at work because I’m excited and nervous. I know I need to just let it be and wait for the decision, but I wanna know now!

//stomps around with hands on hips//

I need to think about other things… Like Christmas!! What’s everyone doing?

I’m celebrating Christmas with my mom and family on Christmas Eve. Thankfully, I have both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day off from work. It’ll be a much needed vacation!

I hope the holidays are filled with nothing but happiness and joy for everyone!

And wish me luck!

Until next time,

Edit – Jan 5th, 2015:

The result of the bid to the house: here!


14 thoughts on “Like A Country Song

  1. hi merry christmas for yesterday and hope u get the house pray on it. it is the season for miracles to happen. besides I know how nerve wrecking it is house hunting find the right house with price n location. it seems u found wat u looking for good luck hope u get your house πŸ™‚

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  3. I love your post .. but what’s the link to The Universe? (now there’s a question that once upon a time only NASA and the Soviet Space missions could answer … gotta love the internet!)

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