Writing Process Blog Tour

I was nominated by Sara (see her post here.) to do the Writing Process Blog Tour. I nominate my Twitter-dad, Mark (“AGGASPLETCH“) and Sonja Whipp.


What are you working on?
Nothing specific at the moment for creative writing, unfortunately. I start too many things and never finish them. It’s such a bad habit that I really need to fix. I’m just currently trying to keep my blog updated, but life seems to get in the way. Rather, I’m terrible at disciplining myself to write more and learn better time management. See, I can admit that. I have a book outlined and a few scenes written. But at this point, it’s nothing more than ramblings.

How does your work differ from others of its genre?
This is a tough question – My poetry/blog posts posts are very raw. I rarely go back and edit them. It’s my blog, not a submission for a writing piece. I am very serious about my creative writing, but i’m extremely laid back when it comes to my blog. I have two different writing processes for both my blog and for a structured writing class (which is actually answered below. 🙂 ). In my blog, I feel like going back and editing too much will take away from the personal touch. None of my poems have been edited. Whatever comes out, comes out… usually under the influence of alcohol. I believe that the best way to get out emotions is to write in the moment.

Why do you write what you do?
When it comes down to it, I just really enjoy writing. As a writer, I have many musing that pop into my head all. the. time. It’s always as the most inconvenient times, too! I need to write in order to keep my mind at peace. I write to sort out my feelings and emotions. Although, I can honestly say that I write A LOT more than I ever publish. Most of my posts are never published for the public.

How does your writing process work?
I used to carry around a notebook to write things down when something inspired me. BUT thanks to technology, I now pull up Google Docs and write things down in there. It can be anything ranging from a favorite word, or a phrase, maybe a description of one object, a place, whatever it is, it would be incoherent to anyone else

Then, depending on what i’m working on, depends on my process:

If it’s poetry, well, as I said above, whatever comes out, comes out. Whenever I’m in the moment (usually after wine) I write down what comes to mind and that’s it. No editing. No real process for this one. All of my poetry has been about a real life event. None of it is fictional. It’s probably why it’s easier to write. I don’t need to make anything up or figure out plot lines. It’s raw and it’s real.

With anything else, esp with creative writing, I’ll go back and add to my Google Doc ramblings whenever inspiration strikes me. Again. And Again. And again. I tend to listen to classical music, or jazz without words, whenever I write. I need something that won’t distract me with lyrics or an upbeat tempo. I’ve been known to get up and dance in the middle of writing, so I need to find music that won’t distract me. I do have a problem of editing while I type when I’m working on anything for creative writing. It’s a bad habit – and that’s seriously why I can never finish anything. I’m my own worst critic.


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