Do You Really Want To Know

It (sometimes) seems strange to me that other people are so interested in my life. Okay, well, to be honest, it’s actually a mix of a bunch of emotions: flattered… curious… skeptical… scared… I mean, should I be scared? I’m kidding. Mostly.

But really. I would like to know what makes people find a blog they like and stick with it. What does that blogger do to keep people coming back time after time? I feel like there could be such a range of answers for this. Are people more inclined to read blogs if the blogger actually interacts with the readers on social media? I think so. I know I am way more inclined to read other people’s blogs when they take the time to respond to something I said to them.

I go on these irrational hiatuses time after time. I really don’t know why. I do have a lot to say, but I think that a lot of these thoughts don’t get expressed on here because I don’t hide under an alias. My real name is Megan and everyone knows that. I don’t want to ever be that kind of blogger who constantly complains or puts people down. I definitely know a few of those kinds of people. It’s such a huge turn off. I am however, a woman with many opinions. So I get stuck in this limbo of “should I really write this publicly?” or “Do you really want to know?”

I think it’s hard to differentiate between what’s appropriate to blog about when in an emotional high about something. I’ve seen many people bash their own boyfriends on a blog. It’s totally disrespectful. I get that some people need an outlet. I know I do. But I don’t want to post something publicly just because I got hot-headed. Do I write about it? Absolutely. I write about it privately. Then I 9/10 delete it. Or print it out and burn it.

DO any of you fellow bloggers have any advice about what lines you decide to not cross? Do you even have lines to cross? Have you ever regretted something you posted about?

Maybe soon I’ll have more updates. Especially in my “Adventures In Coffee” category.

But until next time!



14 thoughts on “Do You Really Want To Know

  1. Yes. Especially because I’m going into academia. I don’t want to post something frivolous and have a possible supervisor see it later on. I’ve been thinking more lately about what’s important to me and might be important for other people to hear or think about. It is interesting, though, to see how my opinions change or grow as time goes on when I do or have posted those more frivolous posts.


    • My thoughts exactly! I feel like I should have made a blog with a fake name so no one would ever know it was me! Haha.

      There’s a few people I know that purposely post risque things and go on these tangents acting like a raging witch and then wonder why they get stalkers and people post hate comments. That has literally NEVER happened to me. Ever.

      I do like seeing how my thoughts evolve, too. So a LOT of my posts are private. But then I get those devoted followers who are like “update more!!!” While I’m flattered, I just don’t always find things to post about. :/

      • Oh, wow. I think that might just go hand-in-hand with our generation’s desire to have everything be about them, but not quite realise the drama of it all. Haha.

        Yeah; oftentimes I’ll find that I’m thinking about a situation a different way or go at it from a different point of view and that becomes a post. Other times, I just ramble. haha. It can be hard to think of things to say, some days.

  2. I’m the same way when it comes to negative things. As a teacher, I have to think about everything I put out there. Does it represent me and my school well? I guess I don’t have to, but I have a good reputation and want to keep it that way. I want to be seen as a positive force in the world.

    To your question about why folks follow you: I like the way you write and I seem to think about a lot of the things you think about, so I get a feeling we might be friends if we knew each other in the real world. But you’re right. The main reason I followed you in the first place is because you interacted with me the first time I commented on something you wrote.

  3. To me, the best blogs really seem to have a clear vision and purpose.

    In the past, when I’ve given up on my blog, it seems that it is often because I hit the same impasse that you’ve reached here…what should I be sharing? Where is the line? How far is too far? I really began to overthink things and lack that vision for what I wanted it to be.

    Your vision should help determine what posts you should write, what audience you want to cultivate and how you go about that process.

    Personally, I’ve become less interested in the minutia of people’s lives and I disengage with blogs once they become that. I’d rather read something that someone is actually passionate about and put some thought and work into. Like you mentioned in your post here, writing about your personal life when you are emotional is easy, but those aren’t the kind of things that belong in public.

    Really, in my opinion, the best blogs are the ones that ostensibly follow a topic or a theme, but through the writing and the process, the personality, lifestyle and values of the writer come through.

    I think that is what we, as bloggers, should be striving for. So that said, my advice would be to have a clear and stated vision, narrow your topics to be inline with that vision and then work to cultivate an audience that shares your interests, passions and vision.

    If you do want to have a lifestyle blog where you write about the day-in, day-out struggles of being Megan, I think it is important to have clearly defined boundaries, and, having read your blog for a while, it seems like you do, so I don’t think you need to worry about that. Nevertheless, before I press “post,” I always ask myself, “would the audience that I am trying to cultivate even care about this?” and “is this inline with the vision of my blog?” Views and “likes” are only part of the equation. Are you making connections through your blog? Are your statistics trending upward from year to year? Most importantly, when you look back at your posts, are YOU happy with what you see?

    Keep asking questions and looking for the answers … it’s the only way to find them!

    • Thank you for this response! You have amazing insight! I did start another blog that was specifically about my thoughts on social media, how to use it, what not to do, my experience with it, etc. I just have yet to put together a post. :/ #Fail.

      Maybe after I get that one up and going, I”ll have more of a vision with this one.


      Thanks again! I feel like everyone needs to read your response!!

  4. Megan, my answer is to start an anonymous blog for the thing you don’t want to post here. I have several. My main blog is about how I cope with chronic illness. It is mostly about the positive things I’ve accomplished. I have a second blog for when I am fed up and I just feel like ranting. That one is anonymous. I have a third blog that is for political subjects because it can be rather divisive and I don’t want that in my main blog.

    So far this has worked for me. Your mileage may vary.

    • There’s something about anonymity that is fascinating. Yet, at the same time, I think I’d always feel like someone would figure out who I was and then be in trouble. Ha. I’ll probably just do what I’ve been doing and blog about everything, but making certain posts private. I don’t ever want to be outed! Haha,

  5. I wrote a post several years ago when I was really mad and definitely should not have posted it. I have since hidden it and it can’t be accessed in my archives. Now I just have drafts that sit there forever. Some of them I shouldn’t post, some are so damn boring I wouldn’t want to subject people to them and some I just don’t feel like finishing.

    • I feel like that so often!! I start so many and never finish. I feel so scatterbrained when it comes to blogging. The most I’ve done is write a super vague poem. I haven’t written any poetry in a long time. Maybe a year and a half? That used to be all I posted was poetry.

  6. Well, Megan, when I followed you, my first interest was learn English! Your blog was interesting. I’m interested in know different opinions all over the world. I have also a blog but I write in Catalan or Spanish. I write about local things, interests or litle stories.
    Thanks very much for your blog and sorry for my poor english!
    My best wishes for you from near Barcelona, Spain.

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