Friendships, Love, & Clean Sheets

DAY FOUR: Mon.May.6.2014:
Day 4 I have this habit of drinking mimosas in order to clean the house. Sounds silly, but I go ham after a few of them. I turn on my jams and focus hardcore on the task of cleaning. Let’s be real here, not too many people ENJOY cleaning. Cleaning is just something that we need to do. But let me tell you what: give me mimosas and I’ll love every minute of it! I scrubbed the floors, cleaned dishes, sorted mail, folded blankets, and put everything where it needed to be. My mom randomly called me, which was pretty ironic because I was just thinking about her: I remembered how often she scolded us when we were younger to do the simplest of tasks: put dirty dishes in the dishwasher or bring towels into the laundry room. To be honest, we-my two younger sisters and a younger brother-were all punks. 100% punks. I never truly realized how much my mother did for us with simple tasks that we could’ve done ourselves, but we just didn’t do them.

But she loved us anyway. 🙂

DAY FIVE: Tues.May.7.2014:
Day Five
It’s funny how some people can go years-literally YEARS-without actually seeing each other, but when they get together, it’s like no time as passed. With technology these days, it’s very easy to keep in touch with people: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, TEXTING, etc. Wait, do people actually call each other anymore? I’ve kept in touch with my friend Corrie, mostly through Twitter ironically Hey she changed her number often!!, over the past couple of years and we FINALLY got together. I think we calculated that it had been three years since the last time we saw each other. But it was like no time had passed at all, other than the amounts of stories we could share with each other. You know how sometimes you get together with old friends and it’s awkward and you have nothing to talk about? That wasn’t us AT ALL. It was absolutely fantastic to catch up with her. I’m very excited that we live close to each other so we can see each other more often! But it really made me think about my friendship with certain people over the last year or so. It’s funny how people grow apart and think that because you move roughly an hour away from them, that the friendship just won’t survive. It just means that those people weren’t true friends to begin with. Friendship has nothing to do with the quantity of time you spend together, but the quality. I wish more people understood that. However, I’m very thankful for the friends that are in my life and who support me no matter what.

DAY SIX: Wed.May.8.2014
Day Six
Anyone who knows me, knows that I love love love watching “Revenge.” It’s one of my favorite TV shows. Sadly, the season finale was a week or so ago and now I have to wait until it returns in the fall. Thankfully, one of my good friends Sokhon is also a Revenge fan. So what did we end up doing? Watching Revenge again. From season one. For hours! The season three finale ended with a shocker, so we needed to go back and rewatch from the start to see how this was possible. Thank you Netflix!! I love that Sokhon and I live about five hours apart, yet I truly feel like I spent the entire day with her. We opened up the episode and texted “OK GO!!!” and we both started the show at the same time. We texted each other commentary throughout the entire episode. Anything ranging from key plot points to “i love her hair!” I love being able to dissect the show with her. We plowed through the entire 22 episodes in season one in an embarassingly short amount of time. But I loved every minute – err, hour?? – of it.

DAY SEVEN: Thurs.May.9.2014
Day 7
I LOVE IMPROV! Every third Thursday of the month, Comedy Sportz in Milwaukee puts in an improv musical, referred to as T.I.M. (The Improv Musical). Josh and I have made this our monthly tradition. (Anyone who lived in the Milwaukee are NEEDS to go check this out!!!) The performers ask the audience to through out some names of a never before seen musical. The plot is improv. The band is improv. And the light crew is improv. It’s hilarious. And it’s awesome. I’m not witty enough to ever be able to put on a show like this. The performers are so talented! And funny, of course. The show’s title was called “Off To California” which revolved around a driver’s ed class which was going south, as one of the trainees was an old grandma. We met a brother and sister who had a questionable flirty relationship; a 37 year old woman who still looks 16 so she travels from city to city pretending to still be in high school, but she can’t pass driver’s ed; a student in the drivers ed class who kisses the 37 year old woman, not knowing how old she was; the sister ends up falling for the guy who kissed the 37 year old, but needs to get away from her brother and head’s towards California. The story line was so ridiculous and I laughed so hard during it. For anyone who would like some info on this, check out their FB page.

DAY EIGHT: Fri.May.10.2014:
Day 8
Sometimes I find myself scrolling through photos of Joshua and me, and I just can’t help but smile. He’s the love of my life. I can’t imagine my life without him. We spend our Friday night in and snuggled up on the couch. I wouldn’t have wanted to be anywhere else than right there with him.

DAY NINE: Sat.May.11.2014
Day 9
Not too much explanation needed for this one. I love freshly washed sheets. I even washed the comforter, blanket AND the pillows today. And yes, the actual pillows. Smelled so fresh and so clean clean!

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Thank you for following my path into a happier life!


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