Bad Habits

I have this really bad habit of getting in a really great groove with posting new blogs… and then BOOM. I stop. I don’t know why I do that to myself. I blog for selfish reasons really. I get all these ideas of things that I would like to write about – things that I would love to explore in my mind – but I don’t do it. So I go all day with these thoughts jumbled up in my head. It usually keeps me from sleeping. If I don’t write my thoughts down, I keep getting distracted from day-to-day activities because of what’s stewing up in my head.

So why do I do this to myself?

No clue. It seems like such an easy fix: JUST FRIGGEN WRITE! Fingers to keys and just go.

But I don’t.

I think many writers fall into this category. We get on a roll of writing and the material comes pouring out. Then we stop. We complain to our friends about how we need to write more. But we don’t. We encourage others to keep up on their writing. Oh the hypocrisy! Then a month goes by and our blogs have been neglected.

I think a big part of it is fear. I’ve written about that before. It’s hard to put yourself out there to complete strangers. I have a hard enough time doing that in real life! I know a lot of my problem right now revolves around finding a job. I feel like my heart strings are getting tugged at. every. single. time. I’ll get a lead, and then nothing happens with it. I follow up and get told that I’m not being considered. I got fed up from hearing that so I finally asked “Can I ask why?” The response, “You’re over-qualified.”

Seriously? You’ve got to be kidding me. If I want to take steps down and have a job that I’m way over-qualified for, then I should be able to do that. It’s obnoxious. I recently had a conversation with a friend who went to a presentation to help dumb down her resume. Yes, DUMB DOWN. It’s highly suggested to make yourself look dumb.


I worked hard for the experience I have and I’m not supposed to display that proudly?

… and this is why I don’t blog that often. I just want to rip apart this terrible place we live in and just complain. Who really wants to see a blog that’s all whine, whine, whine, whine, whine? I know I wouldn’t.

Back to the point of this: Bad Habits.

I’ve fallen into a bunch of them lately: not updating my blog, getting depressed and sitting around watching TV, not working out, drinking a little too much… With all this negative energy around me, I realized that I’ve become such a negative whiny person. And that’s not me. That is not the kind of person I like to be around.

I’m really trying to make an effort to be more positive. Wish me luck. 🙂


7 thoughts on “Bad Habits

  1. It isn’t fair to put you in a position to have to hide your qualifications. I guess the fear is that you will move on to a position that better meets your qualifications, but the fact that you are trying so desperately to find a job would seem to belie that. I hope you find something soon. And I love to read your writing, so I hope you’ll break the habit of neglecting your blog.

  2. One thing that has helped me blog on a regular basis is having a series that I am working on (the ABCs of Milwaukee Dining). That ensures that I’ll at least have one blog post a month. Getting positive momentum on that post prompts me to blog more about other things that I am doing. I think a quest might help.
    My quest has really pushed me to write more and stay on task:
    Here is a cool quest about a girl giving things up:
    I thought this was pretty neat to, a documentary challenge, and this girl is awesome, her blog is great:
    Find your quest, Megan!

  3. I’ve been taking a writing class at The Second City with my husband, and the best suggestion I’ve gotten from our teachers is to just write 10 minutes every day. Telling yourself you’re going to “write for just 10 minutes” is easier to commit to than to just tell yourself you’re going to “write more” (like I had been doing, with no results). That 10 minutes will get the cobwebs out, work your writing “muscle” (which we know is a muscle that needs to be exercised in order to get better!), and on a good day, that 10 minutes can turn into an hour of solid, good stuff. 🙂

  4. My boss told me about interviewing a guy with a Master’s Degree who did not list it on his resume for fear he wouldn’t get an interview. And as a hiring manager, I’ve been guilty of reading a resume and thinking “I couldn’t afford them” or “they wouldn’t stay.” I realize it’s not right to discriminate just because someone has a good education or work experience that makes them appear over qualified. I try not to do that anymore.

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