The Social Media Outlet

I’ve decided to put on my big girl pants and, from the highly recommended suggestion from a few Social Media Strategists, I’m making a second blog. This one will be more professional in nature. I connected with a Social Media Strategist and this was her recommendation:

-Establish a professional online presence, where you talk about what it is you want to do (as if you’re actually doing it already, even if it’s just a little bit).

o I clicked through to the blog you list in your signature, and it seems more personal in nature. I’d suggest creating a professional blog and writing at least once a week about some topic related to social media and business.

·Connect, connect, connect.

o Follow the thought leaders on Twitter and engage them in conversation. Follow relevant hashtags #socbiz, #smmeasure, #cmgrchat, etc., and contribute to the conversation whenever you can.

o Join your local social media club

o Reach out to local professionals (like you’re doing now) and ask to do informational interviews or job shadow.

o If you can, go to conferences (even local ones) so you’re aware of what’s being talked about now in the industry

·Take care of your personal social networks

o Make sure every single social media account you have demonstrates that you know what you’re doing. Your personal accounts matter just as much as the professional accounts you manage in this business.

So, I’m not going to get rid of any personal accounts. In fact, I’m going to promote my new blog, (The Social Media Outlet) on my personal accounts as well. It’s going to be a part of my life, so why separate it?

As of right now, all I have on the blog is a test page. (So don’t tell me that you can’t see any posts yet. 😉 )I have a blog draft in progress, but I wanted to make sure you can all find my blog. Let me know if something doesn’t look quite right on it! I could use any feedback.

So, add it to your lists of blogs!

Cheers to taking a step in the big girl world.


2 thoughts on “The Social Media Outlet

  1. This sounds exciting. The advice makes a lot of sense. I’m having a second read of all the points so they sink in for me as they are inspiring! Here’s to much success to you and your new blog! I look forward to reading your posts.

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