(Not) Available

Our paths intertwined by
Suspicious secretive smiles
Enigmatic exchanges.
Holding hands,
Erotic embraces,
But frozen feelings.

Our impenetrable walls
make conversation
Almost hopeless,

We recognize the game,
but play it anyway.

Keeping a safe separation
Choosing words carefully,
Calculating each conversation.

Vulnerability bolted away
Intimidated by fears
Jaded because of the past.

Manipulated from emptiness
Misguided by desires
Beguiled by lust.

Unavailable hearts,
Available bodies.


7 thoughts on “(Not) Available

      • Stumbled on this, strong writing. Thanks for sharing it. I would respond to the following section, not to be critical, only to express a response inspired by your work.

        “Manipulated from emptiness
        Misguided by desires
        Beguiled by lust.”

        Emptiness can not manipulate,
        for it contains nothing to use manipulatively.

        Desires can not misguide,
        for they are they the only unbridled guidance mechanism of our soul.

        Lust can not beguile,
        for if it is identified as lust it’s already recognized as a falsity.

      • Thank you for reading and responding! At least I know you actually read it! πŸ˜‰ Very thought provoking response! I like when other writers comment on my work. Then we can have debates. πŸ™‚

        Emptiness itself is ambiguous. It’s really not nothing. Because if it was nothing, we wouldn’t know something was missing. And because we know something is missing, that feeling–that empty feeling–makes us think we need something, or someone in this case.

        Desires can be misguided if the desired outcome has been manipulated, though. What we think we want in the midst of a clouded judgement may not be what we want once we’re thinking clearly.

        Is lust always false, though? It’s just an intense passionate feeling for something. It’s a true, but short-lived, feeling.

  1. True, emptiness itself is ambiguous but you don’t seem to be defining the emptiness. You seem to be defining what has been lost or missing and mistaking it for a feeling of emptiness.

    Losing her was not a shatter of the glass,
    not an overwhelming flood,
    not a sudden breach of faith.

    Losing her was a seeping of our trust,
    through the first crack of betrayal,
    pushing past all attempted remedies.

    You can’t be fooled to think that someone that has been slowly leaking away has actually been allowed to leave a void inside of you. To do that would under-mind what has, over time, been replacing your loss. You are not empty simply because one influence has leaked away, if you look around I’m guessing even more powerful ones have filled you up without you knowing it, blinded by the perception of emptiness.

    There is no judgement here, I hope you realize that, I’m sorta just blurting stuff out and seeing what sticks. πŸ™‚

      • I suppose loneliness is real but it seems, in this instance, a hair selfish to me. In order to be truly lonely you must feel that you have nothing to share or not a single person to share it with. You, if in fact you are the one we are openly discussing, don’t fit the criteria.

        One with a pen is never lonely for an audience is what her words shall find.

        If you were really lonely, how would I know it? If you have an outlet to express your loneliness, then are you all that lonely?

        Again, I need to repeat that I’m only being combative to drive the discussion not to be right or wrong.

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