When Everything Goes Awry, Blame A Human

We are flawed.

Not because of Adam and Eve, but flawed because we are deranged and mentally unstable: as unstable as a termite infested barn in Kansas during a F5 tornado.

Yes, you.
Yes, me.
All of us.
No exceptions.

It’s genetically encoded in humans to screw up on a regular basis. Besides, perfection bores me. It’s not about religion, though. It’s not anything to do with faith. It’s just a simple fact of life.

As humans, we lose our composure and become easily frustrated or agitated.
We get discombobulated when more than one thing occurs at once.
We are sociopaths and weirdos and nerds.
We are hard to handle.
We are demanding.
We are hypocrites.
We are vengeful.
We are lazy.
We tell lies and break promises. Not because we necessarily  want to break those promises , but because we change our minds too much. We are unfocused and indecisive. We meant it at the time: that one little flash of time where we thought we know what we wanted–that little light bulb turned on above our heads– but really we had no fucking clue–and then the light blub turned off. We trick our minds into thinking we know what we want. Maybe if we say these thoughts a copious amount of times, we’ll actually start to believe it. But that isn’t always the case.

An “I love you” can turn into “How the hell are we even friends?” An “I hate you” can become “We could be allies.” And sometimes, an “I really like you, but I can’t give you the time you deserve” actually means, “I’m already fucking someone else, but not man enough to tell you that.”

This isn’t something we can fix, and I don’t understand why people try to.
They are flaws.
Perfect flaws.
The perfect little flaws that make us unique.
There is no imaginable way to change this fact; however, what we CAN change is our mindset about each other. We need to realize we have these imperfections. We need to stop getting so frustrated with people. Be upset at the preposterous situation, but don’t take it out on people who have no control over it. And if they DO have control over it, let their conscious weigh them down on their screw ups. Who are we to judge others’ screw ups?

Forgive and forget?
Hell no.
That’s not even possible.
(Well, maybe it is if you suffer from amnesia.)
Forgive and move on.

Life is too short.

My advice: Stop caring so much about what other people are going to think because no matter what you do, someone isn’t going to like your decision.  Someone is going to tell you that you’re wrong. Someone is going to tell you, “You can’t do that.” And everyone will have their own opinions. Some will get mad at you; whereas, others will praise you. What we all need to do is stop the meddling. Just do what you want to do when you want to do it and how you want to do it (within reason. Don’t go around shooting people because you “feel like it.” Get serious. I think we all know the legal limitations this advice includes. And if you don’t know, maybe you shouldn’t be reading my blog!)

Acceptance is key.
Forgiveness is the answer.
Happiness is the outcome.

Learn it.
Live by it.
Eat, drink and be merry


2 thoughts on “When Everything Goes Awry, Blame A Human

  1. I get all sorts of impressions of what went into this. Regardless, you advocate the right path. Life’s too short to put up with raging wanker clusterfucks. Move on and see what’s down the road.

  2. Forgiveness is rare. We often move on, never really forgiving the offender. We simply avoid them and move on. To really forgive we must accept them and pardon their behavior. That is far harder to do then moving on.

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