Frenzied Freshman, Grudging Graduates

I remember the long daunting days trudging to class with an array of books slowly slipping out of my arms, but still maintaining composure to not fall flat on my face in the midst of the confident seniors: people who somehow appeared to know exactly how to act, even though most undoubtedly masqueraded—flawlessly, I might add—throughout the halls. How I immensely wished to be them and to acquire their apparent profound understanding of college life. I ached for my college life to cease existing. I wanted to taste the victory of my graduation day just as those seniors could. I imagined walking across that stage. I could smell the old musty paper from inside the leather bound plaque. I imagined the relief to never need to attend college classes again.

I blinked.

As a college graduate, I envy those freshmen: these students anxiously want to graduate, just as I did six years ago. (Yes, six. Thank you indecisive mind for changing majors three times.) I observe first year students rolling their eyes and sighing while gossiping about the oh-so-horrendous attendance rule.  I want to sit these students down and advise them to just surrender themselves to knowledge and to everything college offers. I want to tell them to not let college fly by, but instead, let it progress slowly and let their minds become sponges.

I think what my 200+ word blog post boils down to three little words: I miss school.

8 thoughts on “Frenzied Freshman, Grudging Graduates

  1. I didn’t really appreciate school until I’d graduated and gotten into the work force. The happiest (pre-writer) years of my life were when I left work and went to graduate school. I was dead broke and in the desert year-round, but the mental stimulation, the challenge of being the dumbest guy in the room–so much fun. There’s a reason they say youth is wasted on the young.

  2. coming back to school after almost 2 years absent is a strange experience. My class stature is technically sophomore even though this is my third year at school (same deal, changing majors, except with like a year and a half of working and living inbetween). I’m surrounded by freshmen in first year classes, but I’ve got to go through them all since art credits don’t transfer for shit when you’re switching to comp-sci. Oh well, at least since I’m re-entering school is fresh and fun again.

  3. College is just 2 weeks away now and I’m really excited. And I’m also nervous. I’ve heard it can be tough, but really fun. High school seemed to fly by as if it was nothing. Judging by your feelings of missing college, it seems like college will just fly by, too. Gah…

  4. I haven’t attended a class in 23 years, but am enjoying my one class this year. I find myself finding that I missed school far more than I thought.

    Still, read. Write. Everyday, do some of both.

  5. just out of grad school, MFA in hand, book in tatters, and it’s a difficult transition to the “real” world of tight job markets and absent friends.

  6. You can always go back (and maybe you should), but you’re right, we all tend to appreciate it more when we have to start our lives after college. I was never able to leave.

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