So You Think I Can Go Back To School?

I definitely need to go back to school. No questions about it. My job assists me in losing IQ points: I can barely write an intelligent sentence from time to time. Really. This is no laughing matter. (You know you’re smiling a little and shaking your head at my ridiculousness.) But seriously. I want to go back. I NEED to go back.

I thought a lot about what I want to go back for, but the options seem endless and are, to an extent, kind of daunting. How can I just pick something? I have an interest in a lot. Writing. Cooking. Teaching. Spanish. Computers. Marketing. (Does wine count??) I cannot go back for all of them. I procrastinate weighing out the pros and cons of all my choices. But enough is enough. I need to pick. I refuse to work at a job that not only makes me dumber, but has no relevance to my degree. I have a Bachelor’s. I should not be working where I am. And I know I shouldn’t. It embarrasses me to tell people where I work. Sad, I know. (And this is NOT a jab at my co-workers, either. Most of them don’t want to be there anyway.)

This rant boils down to two questions: what the HELL should I do? And WHERE should I go?  I think going back to get a Spanish minor and a teaching license is my best bet.

I need to do some research while I still have the mental capacity to form coherent thoughts before my job turns my brain to mush.

Wish me luck.


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