Days Like Today

Days like today make me appreciate the good people in my life. Sometimes I just need that outrageous situation or the irate customer to put my life back into perspective and make me think, “Damn, I’m glad to be me.”

Days like today make me realize the patience I’ve acquired over the years. And that, at times, it’s okay to shed a tear or two to let out the frustrations, but then, I learn to breathe, take control of my emotions and realize it’s not worth dwelling on because I can’t change other people’s behavior.

Days like today make me love the person I’ve become. Specifically today: I can stay poised in front of belligerent customers, even though in my head I killed her…. three times… in three different ways…

Days like today make me know tomorrow will be a new and better day because I am surround by a crazy but amazing family and supportive and hilarious friends. But yet, I know that it’s the days like today that make days like tomorrow even better; however, without those days like today, the better days of tomorrow would just seem like any other day.

Days like today… Ah, days like today…


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